We are not just another bankstick, buzz bar company on the market, in fact one of our primary aims is to assist individuals and other companies with the design and development of their products.

Services offered

On the bankAt Custom Angling Solutions, we not only manufacture our own range of unique stainless steel, titanium and aluminium products, but we can also offer a design and prototype service for any of your individual requirements. We have assisted a few well known tackle companies and individuals in the development of new ideas and prototype work and pride ourselves in the ability to offer a discrete, reliable service.

If you have a fishing problem you need to solve and an idea of how to solve it, we can help make your idea a reality. We will do this by:


Having used various other companies’ sets of banksticks and buzz bars over the years, I never felt that they fully met my requirements. Back in the late 1990s, I decided to make my own sticks and bars that would fulfil my fishing needs. These bars and sticks stood the test of time and served me well. I then came up with the idea of inserting a small spirit level vial into my buzz bars to make it that bit easier to get my set up level. Not only did this work a treat but the bars looked fantastic. With quite a bit of interest in the bars on the bank, I started to knock up a few sets for people. And it grew from there, further developments included the undermounted 2BA thread that comes as standard in the Level Best range. This idea evolved from modifying other companies bars during the late 90s and early 00s. When developing the Level Best range, to make our product stand out from other bankware companies we chose to produce this range using 316 grade stainless steel. This was chosen as it is a harder, more durable grade of stainless ensuring longevity, complementing our aim of supplying tackle to last a lifetime.

Through the evolution of the company we now manufacture:

  • bank sticks
  • stabilisers
  • rear rod rests
  • snag ears
  • vast range of leads
  • and pretty much whatever people require.

All bespoke, all built to individual requirements. All of the highest quality, crafted with passion by people who love fishing! We hope you enjoy our website.

Who are Custom Angling Solutions?

At workFormed by Jamie Simpson, evolving from his engineering background. He has been fishing since a child having devoted most of his time to Carp fishing since he left school in 1989. Having fished many of the circuit waters over the years it has been noticeable how much pride is taken in the appearance of fishermans set ups.

Jamie has been in the engineering industry for all his working life, working for several companies where exacting tolerances and quality of work are paramount.

This has given him a very comprehensive understanding of materials and their most suitable uses. An excellent eye for detail and a good understanding of the importance of quality ensures our products are unequalled. It is our aim to manufacture the last set of bars etc you will ever need to buy.