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Our leads and aluminium range have been reviewed by UK Carp Angler – they said our leads were ‘as close to perfect as they can be’ and our alumnium range ‘a top quality rod support system that won’t let you down’ – read the full reviews below.

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Now I see a lot of kit in the course of the year, especially around the British Carp Angling Championships, (BCAC) but every now and again someone has a little gem of tackle that I think “I’ve got to get one of those”. When I saw Jamie’s stainless at the BCAC semi finals in 2009 it was one of those moments. The two rod buzz bars in particular looked fantastic, but when I got my paws on them and felt the quality I couldn’t help but be impressed. They are flawless, ooze quality, and are mega trendy. The fact that you can incorporate extras like colour co-ordinated spirit level bubbles or compasses and you have the ultimate in rod rest ability.

Whether you are an impresario of fine fishing tackle, or quite simply a tackle tart like me who insists that his set up looks good, does the job, and is of the best quality available, then these kiddies are for you.

Rob Hughes
Former World Carp Champion, Founder of BCAC


After spending much of my carping life bivvied up on the rock hard banks of the Oxford gravel pits, over the years I’ve managed to work my way through several sets of bank sticks. It has to be said that whilst some of my previous gear has certainly looked the business, when put to use it has often failed to live up to its initial expectations. So enter the Custom Angling Solutions ‘Resolute’ aluminium range.

In my opinion, the attention to detail and finish on this range of bankware is of the highest standard with Jamie’s extras such as the stabilisers having to be seen to be believed. I’ve kitted myself out with some 8 and 12” bank sticks, a set of three rod buzzer bars plus a couple of those lovely stabilisers and even though I haven’t owned the kit long enough to give a true long-term report, the engineering on all of the items is to such a standard that I know they aren’t going to let me down. The gear just oozes quality and if like myself you are an out-and-out bank stick/buzzer bar angler who is either looking to upgrade your set-up or simply just wants to use the very best, the Resolute range is one that you definitely need to consider.

Ian Poole
BCAC Winner, Carp Talk Columnist, BCSG Member


Since trying the specially coated long distance leads at the start of the year, they have done everything I have asked of them. Most importantly they fly true and accurately, secondly they look natural on the lakebed, and despite cracking down on gravel spots in very shallow water the coating remains intact unlike other leads. 10/10.

The custom stainless work undertaken has also been first class and Jamie has an uncanny knack of knowing exactly what you require and how to produce it!

Damian Parker
British Carp Study Group member


Out of choice I have been using various bits of stainless gear from Jamie. My fishing tackle requirements are a very personal thing and I know what I want. I have requested a few special custom jobs from Jamie over the years and each time they have produced exactly what I want with maximum attention to detail.

Superb quality – can’t fault any of the work he has done for me.”

Shaun Harrison
Director of Quest Baits


Ok I admit I must be one of the oldest tackle tarts around, I just love anything that is a little different, looks the business and is super high quality. I had used the same stainless bank sticks and bars that were made to my specifications by Steve Neville donkeys years ago and have never seen anything that remotely interested me or made me want to change until I saw a set of Jamie’s, they blew me away, not just the uniqueness of them but the super high quality workmanship and the quality of the steel used.

Alan Taylor
Carp Angling Legend